Additional Testimonials From Employers

"Jim and his team have always been able to provide me with qualified temps when I need them."

- Dr. Sally L.

"We love Jim Holley and MDC Dental Assistance. Krista has NEVER failed to help us when we have to call for temporary hygienists, even on short notice, she always comes through for us. We appreciate that. Keep up the excellent work."

- Shae J., Office Manager

"We have been using MDC Dental Assistance for many, many years and have always had our need for temporary hygienists and dental assistants filled when needed. They are the leading providers in dental employee placement and the first call we make when we need to fill a vacation or just extra summer help. Thank you MDC Dental Assistance for always being there for us."

- Dr. Marvin O.

"I have had the pleasure of working with Jim Holley and MDC Dental Assistance for over 30 years. Whether you need a temp for a hygienist or assistant that "didn't show up," or the exceptional hire for a pivotal position, Jim is without peer. He has helped me out of more "binds" than I can count. Sometimes I have seen other Drs. reluctant to spend the money necessary to hire a temp and especially to pay for a permanent placement. No consultant, and certainly not I, support that. The lost productivity from a missing assistant or hygienist and especially from a poor permanent hire vastly exceeds the cost of a temp or a solid guaranteed hire vetted by a professional like Jim. We're all fortunate to have him supporting us in our profession and I highly recommend his services."

- Dr. Wayne B.

"Over the years, MDC Dental Assistance has been as important to the success of my practice as a good dental laboratory."

- Dr. William C.

"I first met Jim Holley in the early 1990s when looking for energetic and passionate people to join our dental team. Two of those gifted people are still with us - one for over 21 years and the other for 9 years now. I have always been so grateful to work with Jim and know he always wants the best practice match. He works hard at this.

On many occasions we have requested assistance with temporary personnel and again always knew that the recommendations would be perfectly fitting for our dental practice."

- Joanne G., Office Manager

"MDC Dental Assistance has been a great resource for us for years, whether it be a last-minute temp we are in need of or a potential new hire! They are professional and the communications are spot on! We would highly recommend this company to our colleagues!"

- Jackie M., Office Manager

"I have practiced dentistry in Houston for 35 years as a general dentist. I have been in large groups and now am in private practice. I have used MDC Dental Assistance for a lot of those years for temporary dental assistant and hygienist help."

- Dr. James N.

"MDC Dental Assistance is my preferred source for temporary and permanent dental personnel. They connected our office with the best office manager we have worked with in 6 years."

- Dr. Sean F.

"I have used the services of Jim Holley and MDC Dental Assistance for three decades. During that time I had Jim place many a temporary for me and he helped me place a permanent employee. Also during that time I had the occasional opportunity to be placed as a temporary dentist. Jim and MDC Dental Assistance are always ready to help and it is comforting to know that their excellent service is just a phone call away"

- Dr. Tom G.

Additional Testimonials from Applicants

"I've been with MDC Dental Assistance since 2001, and my experience has been excellent. Jim Holley and his staff are professional, organized and have helped me stay employed even when dentistry was experiencing slow periods. Krista Keen has been Jim's greatest asset over the last 8 years or so. She works hard to keep consistent employment rolling in the best of times, and the worst of times. She's efficient yet compassionate to the needs of others. I plan to stay with MDC Dental Assistance as long as I'm in Houston.

- Bev B., RDH

"I have been working for MDC Dental Assistance for 13 years now. When I got out of dental hygiene school they put me to work right away. I have been loving it ever since. I like the freedom of making my own schedule. My grandmother had Alzheimer's. I was able to still work and take care of things at home. I thank Krista and Jim for being patient and flexible with me. Thanks MDC Dental Assistance."

- Pam B., RDH

"I have been using MDC Dental Assistance for over 30 years and would highly recommend them to anyone in the dental field looking for temporary assignments. Krista always tries to place me when I let her know I have a day available. It is a win-win for me and the doctor needing someone to fill a position. If you need temporary work, or a permanent position, MDC Dental Assistance will do their best to fill your placement needs."

- Sondra S., RDH

"Jim and Krista at MDC Dental Assistance are the best at permanent and temporary placement! Jim started helping me when I was still living in Atlanta, Georgia. Telling me all about Houston. Jim found me my permanent jobs that I had for 3 1/2 years. Krista has always helped me work on the days my bosses have gone on vacation or if I need to work a Saturday! 5 stars all the way!"

- Shauna S., RDH

"MDC Dental Assistance has made it very easy for me and my family as a hygienist. I stay at home with my son and only do temp jobs about 1 day a week. Krista is very patient with me and always tries to find the closest job to home. When they contact you for jobs it is as easy as saying “yes” and showing up. They deal with everything else along with a daily reminder about tomorrow’s job. Thank y'all for everything you do."

- Bobbie G., RDH

"I have been working with MDC Dental Assistance for 22 years as a Registered Dental Hygienist. They have always tried their best to keep me busy as a temp. I very much so recommend them."

- Rosalynn S., RDH

"The staff is always kind and courteous and they go above and beyond to keep me busy with assignments!"

- Becky K., RDA

"I have worked for years as a dental hygienist in private practice, and thought I knew EVERYTHING. As it turns out, I knew EVERYTHING about that one office. I have learned much more than I would have imagined by working in different offices. I am appreciated for helping out. Seriously...... how hard is it to do a good job and be nice?!?!? Thanks Krista!"

- Cindy H., RDH

"I have been a temp dentist with MDC Dental Assistance since 2012. I have been very pleased with the assignments that Ms. Keen and Mr. Holley have given me. When any problems arose, they were promptly addressed by Ms. Keen and/or Mr. Holley. I have been very satisfied with the service that MDC Dental Assistance has provided me, and I would recommend this business to anyone who requires temporary dental assignments."

- Mark W., DDS

"I have been working with MDC Dental Assistance since about 1985 for both permanent and temporary placement. I really appreciate the fact that they have all of the information I need when going any new assignment. Thanks to you all!"

- Linda K., RDA

"MDC Dental Assistance has given me the opportunity to enhance my skills and be a better me. The company allowed for me to continue my studies while temping and allowed for me to meet great dentists and staff."

- Brenda M., RDA

"MDC Dental Assistance has done a great job of helping me find temporary positions in my area of town. They are dependable and stand behind their temps. Thanks so much, you are appreciated!"

- Stephanie M., RDH

"MDC Dental Assistance is an awesome agency :))"

- Lorena C., Office Manager

"Great agency, very organized and always sends helpful reminders"

- Johnny D., RDA

"MDC Dental Assistance is a wonderful company. They make sure that their temporaries are qualified personnel and they work with quality dental offices. MDC Dental Assistance has allowed me to be able to experience many different practices and even with my thirty-plus years of experience enables me to still learn new things. Being a temporary for MDC Dental Assistance has enabled me to stay active in dentistry and work the hours and/or days that I choose to work."

- Debbie B., RDH

"I have been registered with MDC Dental Assistance for the past 8 years. This is a very helpful resource for me because I work exclusively as a temporary hygienist. Although most of my work is through word-of-mouth, I have confidence that the offices I am asked to work in through this agency will be where and what I expect. I'm grateful for their professionalism and intend to work with them as long as I work!"

- Tomi P., RDH

"I am a dentist who found myself looking for some extra income after my wife retired, I was able to easily find a quality, stable part-time situation using MDC Dental Assistance. Krista has been very conscientious and the part-time offices treat me like family. I would recommend MDC Dental Assistance without reservations."

- Dr. Brooks D.

"MDC Dental Assistance has been my leading agency this year. A true Blessing. Since Jim Holley staffing has been around longer any, he has a better foundation with the dental community which means better assignments. NO CLINICS!!"

- Donia J., RDA

"Lifesaver when your boss loves to take vacations. Literally. You guys are great. Thanks for all you do!"

- Linda N., RDA

"I like how fair you guys are the base salary that is paid for our temp services, and how easy it is to find work on a regular basis for when I can work."

- Laci M., RDA

"I highly recommend temping through MDC Dental Assistance. I was referred by a co-worker who also has a permanent job during the week at two offices, and works temp jobs when he wants to pick up extra money here and there. This is wonderful for me, since I love the office I am at now, but was only offered part-time. Krista and Jim at D.A. have amazing communication and are great about sending you to jobs right away. In fact, the day I walked in to fill out my paperwork, I was offered a job the next day. It is as simple as answering a text either “yes or no”. Also, most places I temp at are very good about having assisted hygiene and/or give me plenty of time for each patient. I highly recommend DA for any dental professional."

- Gia P., RDH

"I have been doing dental hygiene in Houston since 1979 and was MDC Dental Assistance’s first permanent placement. I have used them ever since. They have NEVER let me down with job offers. At times, an abundant amount of positions. They have given me opportunities I otherwise would not have. They have sent me to quality offices and I highly recommend them. All the staff @ MDC Dental Assistance is extremely professional and quick to respond to my needs. I enjoy all the opportunities they have offered me. This is MY preference of all dental job placement companies in Houston."

- Cathy B., RDH

"I have been temping with MDC Dental Assistance for over 20 yrs. I have been sent to very nice offices. Mr. Holley has always been very professional and nice to work with. He has kept me very busy too. I highly recommend using MDC Dental Assistance for temping jobs."

- Paulette S., RDA

"I have been working with MDC Dental Assistance for many years. They are the only agency I temp through. They are always courteous, & respectful. They are knowledgeable & professional. They do business with a lot of clients and keep me as busy as I want to be."

- Debbie B., RDH

"I love working with Krista and Jim! Krista is quick to return messages and confirm assignments! They profile their temps and their practices and make great matches! This is my 19th year as a hygienist and they are able to get me as many assignments as I want to work!"

- Annie M., RDH

"Jim Holley and Krista have been great finding me jobs and helping me get compensated for 5 years. They are easy to talk to and very understanding."

- Dr. Deborah C.


MDC Dental Assistance makes my life easier and takes away the worry about employee schedules. They have been there when I’ve had emergencies and for long-term assignments too. I recommend them to all in the field. You’ll be glad you called them. First Class!

-John C., Office Manager / SEE MORE...

MDC Dental Assistance has done an amazing job with the placement assignments and have been great accommodating my requests. I highly recommend anyone to try them. You will be not be disappointed.

-Valeria H., RDH / SEE MORE...