Permanent and Temporary Dental Staffing Services in the Greater Houston, TX, Area

Whether you are looking for a temporary job or a permanent position, we are here to help. MDC Dental Assistance is Houston’s pioneer dental staffing company.

We understand dentistry and the needs of those in the profession. We have been serving Houston's dental community since 1979. Our many years in dental staffing assure you are referred to only the most outstanding practices.

We work with many of Houston's finest cosmetic dentists and we welcome the opportunity to work with you on your employment needs. Let's get started! Click to apply now!

Temporary Placements

Challenging and Interesting
Different assignments offer constantly changing faces, personalities, and the opportunity to experience new techniques and technologies.

Instant Money
Temporaries are frequently paid daily by the dental office. You can work when, where, and if you want—during vacations, on days off, or between jobs.

Perfect Way to Find Your “Dream Job”
Working as a temp allows you to check out many different types of offices until you find that “just right” match.

Permanent Placements

Currently, employed job candidates appreciate the discretion only a staffing company can provide.

Your needs and your requests will be treated with the utmost respect. Only those positions that meet your requirements will be presented for your consideration.

Clients Who Care
You can be certain that dentists who choose to utilize the services of our firm are progressive-minded, appreciate their staff, and are willing to pay the right person TOP Dollar!

Exclusive Listings
Many of our positions are exclusive listings—jobs that are not advertised or available elsewhere. Don’t miss out on great career opportunities. CALL US FIRST!


I have supported Jim Holley & Krista for years. They have always provided me with numerous opportunities from daily to multiple weekly assignments when I was between permanent P/T positions. I have always liked this agency!

-Chi C., RDH / SEE MORE...

I have worked with Jim/MDC Dental Assistance since 1985. Jim and his staff have always treated me well. The MDC Dental Assistance staff have been able to consistently fill my assignment schedules to suit my needs. I enjoy working with Jim and MDC Dental Assistance, and I would recommend their services to other dental professionals.

-Nancy T., RDH / SEE MORE...